Oilheat is best. We make it better.

Upgrading to a high–efficiency Oilheat system can save you up to 30%. Read supporting article from American Energy Coalition below: Click here to download the…

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Clean Diesel Technology & Sustainability

We believe clean diesel technology is better able than ever before to help users improve efficiency and minimize environmental impacts through cleaner and more efficient…

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A New Premium Marine Fuel on the Market- Slipstream™

Preventing fuel related problems, such as those caused by ethanol and other noted fuel contaminants, are more important than ever. Most boaters, however, don’t know…

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Envisioning Innovation: What’s it going to take to see our industry truly decide to evolve?

By Paul Nazzaro The answer is YOU! “Add your commitment and passion to the innovation now available, and together we can return oilheat to its…

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Establishing a Prevent Defense for 500 ppm Heating Oil

Now that many of the Northeastern states are recipients of lower sulfur heating oil, fuel dealers are asking what precautions they should take to protect…

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