Do You Know What Could Be Lurking in Your Tank?

Do You Know What Could Be Lurking in Your Tank?

Let’s start with the bHeatdocBAasics about fuel: fuel is a very sensitive product that can easily deteriorate over time. Fact: fuel stagnant in a tank overtime may not perform when you need it the most. Basically, fuel has a short “shelf life”.
Given that fuel can so easily deteriorate when it is not properly maintained, this unfortunately can mean that most stored diesel fuel tanks contain several contaminated products due to the natural age not only of the fuel, but also of the tank. So what could be lurking in the tank includes microbial growth (bugs), particles that the filter never picks up, and water. AFS technologies addresses water with an aviation fuel deicing compound designed to alleviate water related issues.

“In order to safeguard your business…ensure high-quality fuel and a leak-free operation of your storage system, you must monitor for water in those systems and remove water whenever it is detected.” -Steel Tank Institute
Tips to ensure your fuel is healthy:how healthy is your fuel

So what can we do to help ensure your generator fuel is healthy and ready to function the next time you need to use your generator?
1. Determine the age of the fuel.
2. When was the last time it was tested?
3. Have the tank bottoms been checked for water?
4. Have they been drained?

With the AFS Quality Assurance System, we pledge to provide you a superior quality fuel as well as “best practices” in regular testing and facilities maintenance. The science of fuel quality can be summed-up by our simple three step check up process: A.C.T.
1. Analyze – It all starts with a thorough analysis of your fuel and storage as we check for five critical fuel quality parameters which impact fuel performance.
2. Consult – Working in concert with our technical partners, AFS will recommend the best solutions where technology compliments a well thought out housekeeping process.
3. Treat – Through the application of field-proven fuel conditioners, we will improve the critical quality parameters of you fuel. Recommendations to simplify your treatment application will also be addressed through our flexible treatment strategies.

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