Cold to Persist

By Paul Nazzaro, President, AFS Cold to Persist According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson, “In the wake of the blizzard, temperatures will average below…

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The Why and How of Blending Biodiesel

The why is easy. The mantra of sustainability has shifted the way that companies, municipalities, and individuals do business. Growing customer demand for clean, renewable…

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2015 TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition

February 16th-February 19th Nashville, TN We are excited to announce that AFS will be at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology…

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How to Prevent Diesel Fuel Gelling

You wake up one morning to go to work and your vehicle will not start. Your fuel has gelled in the tank overnight. What do…

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Cold Weather Effects on Diesel Fuel, We’re Ready, Are you?

In this article, Global Partners LP speak to the cold weather and its effect on diesel fuel. To ensure diesel fuel is ready to take…

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Winter Truck Maintenance Tips

Make sure your vehicle is properly serviced and maintained before the winter season begins to keep your fleet up and running. The following 8 steps…

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