Slipstream Premium Marine Fuel to Power 200-Foot SSV Oliver Hazard Perry

Slipstream Premium Marine Fuel to Power 200-Foot SSV Oliver Hazard Perry

Oliver Hazard Perry


NORTH ANDOVER, MA— Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc. (AFS) and Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island (OHPRI) have announced a partnership to pair the largest civilian sailing school vessel in the U.S with the highest quality marine fuel on the market.

The newly constructed SSV Oliver Hazard Perry, a 200-foot, fully rigged ocean-going Tall Ship—the first vessel of its kind to be built in more than 100 years—will be powered by Slipstream™ Premium Marine Fuel during its education-at-sea voyages, which commence this summer.

Introduced to the marine fuel market by AFS last year, Slipstream is commercially blended with fuel performance enhancers to ensure greater efficiency and improved engine performance. The premium additive brand offers treatments for both gasoline and diesel engines, eliminating fuel deficiencies, optimizing performance, and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

“The last thing any crew learning how to operate a new ship should be concerned about is fuel quality,” said Paul Nazzaro, AFS president. “The AFS team is pleased to provide OHPRI with the peace of mind that their engines and generators will be running smoothly and efficiently through whatever unpredictable or challenging circumstances the ocean is sure to present.“

The partnership will include regular fuel sampling and lab analysis by AFS to ensure that fuel quality is maintained, and participation by AFS in OHPRI’s educational program to inform students and crew members of the importance of fuel quality. AFS has also pledged support of the STAR Kids Scholarship program, which enrolls high-risk, low-income children who have a parent with a history of incarceration and/or substance abuse in OHPRI’s teen summer camp program.

“Sailing ships have been green since before there even was a ‘green’ and our goal is to operate this ship to the most rigorous environmental standards” said the Captain, Richard Bailey, “this Slipstream fuel additive will ensure that our engines perform to the high standard we expect of them.”

OHPRI offers programs for kids and adults of all ages through customized single voyages and ongoing partnerships with universities, schools, and other organizations. Voyages can span from three days to entire semesters, and are scheduled year-round throughout New England, the Canadian Maritimes, Bermuda, and down the East Coast to Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

About AFS

Established in 1996, Advanced Fuel Solutions has developed strategic relationships with business partners at each level of the petroleum supply chain including major fuel terminals, fuel wholesalers, diesel and heating oil dealers, fuel quality service companies and strategically located laboratories. Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc. specializes in formulating proprietary performance fuel additives for diesel, gasoline and heating oil.

AFS provides counsel to national and regional fuel clients on all aspects of fuel management including buying principals proven to save fuel users thousands of dollars on wasted fuel expenditures. Beyond the chemistry, AFS has a proven track record assisting fleets, fuel wholesalers, fuel dealers and jobbers operate at maximum efficiency with profitable outcomes. For more information, visit

About Oliver Hazard Perry

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry, built in Rhode Island with major support from Rhode Island businesses, is based in Newport with many of her crew consisting of the riggers who worked on the ship during construction. The scope of trips Perry will host ranges from high school semester-at-sea programs where specially tailored curriculums and onboard classrooms and science labs are utilized for teen camps and adult sail training programs that emphasize marine science, celestial navigation and other ocean-related subjects.  SSV Oliver Hazard Perry takes her name from the Rhode Island-born hero of the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. Commodore Perry’s pivotal victory was achieved beneath a flag emblazoned with the words “DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP.” Similarly, Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island (OHPRI), the non-profit organization responsible for the ship’s construction, won’t give up the value of an educational adventure aboard a Tall Ship. For more information, visit

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