Fire Chief Magazine: “Diesel Additives Serve Important Role”

Fire Chief Magazine: “Diesel Additives Serve Important Role”


With the mandated transition to ultra-low-sulfur-diesel (ULSD) fuel and common rail diesel engines (CRDE) impacting fleets of all trades, a recent article in Fire Chief magazine examines why diesel additives are more important today than ever.

“ULSD fuel has different solubility behaviors than higher-sulfur fuels of the past. That means potential deposit-causing impurities in the fuel are less soluble in ULSD fuels; they are more likely to come out of the fuel and deposit on critical engine parts.

Vehicle operators, fuel marketers and engine manufacturers are increasingly seeing deposits forming on the internal parts of fuel injectors. If left untreated, these deposits can lead to power loss, reduced fuel economy and in extreme cases, increased downtime and higher maintenance costs due to premature replacement of stuck injectors.”

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