AFS Marine Fuel Additives

AFS Marine Fuel Additives

AFS Premium Marine Gasoline Additive is specially formulated for marine engines and is designed to prevent the problems associated with ethanol blended gasoline, suchas phase separation, moisture contamination, poor stability and the formation of power-reducing carbon deposits. The multifunctional treatment:

  • Cleans up and keeps clean intake valves and injectors.
  • Optimizes fuel economy.
  • Maximizes power and acceleration.
  • Reduces emissions.
  • Prevents phase separation.
  • Eliminates carbon, varnish and sludge.
  • Reduces gum formation.
  • Controls harmful peroxide formation
  • Provides seasonal storage stability.
  • Provides excellent combustion chamber deposit control.
  • Provides good demulsibility.
  • Provides an A-rating corrosion protection.
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AFS Premium Marine Diesel Additive keeps injectors clean and maintains optimum engine performance, meets both the NCWM & EMA/TMC Premium Diesel criteria for detergency, and is designed to remove and prevent deposits which can deteriorate fuel economy and increase emissions. It also strengthens the thermal stability of fuels, preventing the fuel from breaking down under high temperatures. AFS Premium Marine Diesel Additive reduces sludge formation, filter plugging, injector deposits, smoke, and damage to fuel injectors. In addition, the multifunctional treatment:

  • Demulsifies to prevent fuel/water emulsion and drops excessive water out of solution.
  • Contains a water dispersant to help safely remove water on a gradual basis.
  • Protects all diesel fuel-injection systems.
  • Reduces pump and injector wear.
  • Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion. increases cetane five (5) numbers.
  • Enhances cold starts, reduces misfiring, white smoke, noise and warm-up.
Product Data Sheet

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