Client Testimonials

What Our Clients are Saying:

  • “Prior to the OPT-AF treatment, I was changing out fuel filter sets on most of our trucks prior to the normal scheduled PM. In addition I had to send out 2 to 3 trucks a month to the Peterbilt shop to have EGRs and Doser valves serviced due to exhaust particulate buildup in the DPF. We are delighted with improved cleanliness of our fuel filters and EGR valves."

    Eastern Shore Transport
  • “The word that comes to mind when I think of AFS is reliability. Reliability of product quality; reliability in terms of logistics and on-time delivery; and reliability of technical support—especially when it comes to explaining the intricacies associated with ULSD and the ever-evolving supply pool. It’s critical for us to be able to pass that reliability downstream to our customers. Thanks to AFS, we can.”

    Jim Stoothof, Heritagenergy
  • "We had been with the same additive supplier for over 30 years before we switched to Advanced Fuel Solutions. Not only did we save money by switching to AFS, the wealth of knowledge and support they have given us along the way has been tremendous. We started out having them supply our gasoline and diesel additives. We gained enough trust in their organization that they are now our sole supplier for all of our general aviation and military jet fuel additive requirements."

    Dean Williamson, President, IPT LLC Terminals
  • "We have had very good results using the AFS fuel additives at several locations now. We have been able to double the life of fuel filters which pays for the product. In additive, we are conservatively seeing a .5% improvement in better fuel mileage. With AFS working with our local fuel suppliers, the results are good. In additive, while it is still early, we seem to have a reduction in fuel related issues on the newer EPA engines."

    James Herman, Fleet Maintenance Manager, Perdue Farms
  • "With the multiple crude types and bio blends running through multiple co-mingled supplies, it has made testing, treatment and housekeeping mandatory. AFS has facilitated for us multiple product lines, testing, diagnostic and educational tools meeting that demand."

    Gus Pesaturo, VP of Operations, Diesel Direct.
  • “Advanced Fuel Solutions is so understating the value of their heating oil additive. It’s unbelievable the difference it’s made to our company and our bottom line. It keeps my tanks clean, my technicians happy and has almost eliminated after hours service calls.”

    Jim Horan – President, Horan Oil
  • "We are excited to expand our relationship with AFS from the construction fueling industry to the waterways. Delivering our customers the highest quality marine diesel and gasoline possible is our joint goal.

    Rick Workman - President, Taylor Oil
  • "AFS continues to be a critical partner in the success of my business. Back in 1990, when we first experienced problems with outside tanks, he personally stepped forward to help solve the problem and educate me on the critical issue of fuel quality."

    Charlie Ugiletto - President, Cubby Oil Company
  • "We've been working with AFS for many years now. Paul's extremely knowledgeable about additives - he's always educating and innovating, but really it's the energy, enthusiasm and proactive approach to service that sets him and his company apart. I feel we couldn't do better with any other company."

    Bill Davidson - Senior VP of Terminal Operations, Global Partners
  • "The oil industry is a tough business for someone to break into with something new because the industry sometimes doesn't see the big picture. With a product like AFS supplies, we have the opportunity to separate ourselves from our competition."

    Dave Bessette - MacFarlane Energy
  • "His expertise in petroleum products and additives makes him a valuable asset to the Ryder Energy team."

    Paul Orrico - Manager Pricing & Logistics, Ryder Energy Systems

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