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Heatdoc™- Our flagship heating oil formula with tri-stabilizers for low sulfur, ultra-low sulfur, and biodiesel blends.

Greenburn®- Multi-functional heating oil treatment enhanced with a proprietary combustion optimizer.

LP-1000 - Pour point reducer designed to improve oil flow in outside storage tanks.

ODT-3LP- Our flagship heating oil treatment Heatdoc™ fortified with cold flow protection.


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OPT™- A next generation detergent designed to protect today’s diesel fuel as well future injection platforms.

OPT 1000- Diesel fuel additive that includes cold flow.

Emergency Diesel Fuel Treatment- For use when fuel has gelled, or when you anticipate extreme cold weather.

Summer Diesel Additive 5000- Seasonal fuel conditioner that contains detergent, corrosion inhibitor, stabilizer and water control.

Winter Diesel Additive – CF – Series - Commercial grade cold flow protection combined with 3x the industry standard deicing protection.


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Slipstream® Premium Marine Diesel Additive- Increases cetane and clean injectors, restoring power.

Slipstream® Premium Marine Gasoline Additive- Designed to prevent the problems associated with ethanol blended gasoline.


2400-BD- A diesel fuel additive enhanced with soy methyl ester improving performance and restoring fuel economy.

Biodiesel Stabilizers- Designed to preserve and protect biodiesel and biodiesel blends.

DMA-651- A multifunctional detergent additive for use in motor gasoline engines.

HTEC-6590- Delivers powerful clean-up performance and keeps-clean injectors and at cost effective treat rates.

Advanced Lubricity- A synthetic lubricity and conductivity improver for ULSD products.

Conductivity Improver- Provides anti-static protection from potential ignition source that may cause spark.


Biostable- A middle distillate fuel additive that extends bio fuel storage stability.


Water Management- Addresses water in tank storage and emulsifies the water to be moved out of the system.

Microbiocide- An advanced biocide that addresses bacterial contamination in all types of fuel.

Dessicant Dryers- Dryer that is easily installed on your vent pipe to keep moisture and dust out of your storage tanks.

Tank Breathers- This technology filters out dirt and water particles before going into your bulk tank and/or vehicle.


Through a four step process, we formulate the right solution for our client’s unique market conditions.


Through on-site field visits and meetings, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of our clients' fuel quality management programs, identify areas that can be improved upon, and offer our expertise to help strengthen and protect their business.


In collaboration with petroleum industry professionals from the technology, chemical and service sectors, we utilize established industry standards and success metrics to diagnose fuel quality problems and identify solutions for our clients.

Plan & Design

Working in concert with our technical partners, we will recommend and implement the best solutions, combining today's latest technologies with time-tested housekeeping strategies.


Your success is tied directly to our commitment to keep you running every day. With service second to none including certified fuel check ups and fleet tech programs, we ensure your success.


  • Winter Diesel Additive 1500

    Cold flow additive • Advanced deicer and enhanced cold protection. • Contains a combination of advanced cold flow polymers and a jet fuel deicing compound…

  • HeatDoc™ Premium Home Heat

    Premium Heating Oil Conditioner • Cleans fuel and system • Reduces NO HEAT calls • Increases fuel efficiency • Saves money!

  • O.P.T. – Optimum Performance Technology

    High-Performance Diesel Additive • Cleans fuel and system • Increases fuel efficiency • Saves money!

  • Slipstream® Premium Marine Gasoline Additive

    AFS-Slipstream® Marine Gasoline Additive • Helps keep intake and injectors clean • Optimizes fuel economy • Maximizes power and acceleration • Reduces emissions

  • Slipstream® Premium Marine Diesel Additive

    AFS-Slipstream® Marine Diesel Additive • Keeps injectors clean • Optimizes engine performance • Removes and prevents deposits • Increases thermal stabilty

  • Greenburn™ Home Heat

    Home Heat Combustion Technology • Cleans fuel and system • Reduces NO HEAT calls • Increases fuel efficiency • Saves money!

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