Winter Diesel Additive – CF – Series


A unique formulation providing excellent winter performance with a wide range of diesel fuels, even challenging hard to treat high wax fuels. WDA contains a combination of advanced cold flow polymers and a robust percentage of a jet fuel deicing compound to maximize protection by water contamination. When used at recommended dosing levels WDA will help reduce a diesel fuels pour point down to 30F below zero and Cold Filter Plugging Point 8F – 12F degrees below the base fuels cloud point. Rounding out optimum performance is a non-alcoholic jet fuel deicer designed to control water contamination. WDA 1000 will also help reduce kerosene blending.

WDA 1000 Product Data Sheet


WDA-1500 is formulated to enhance cold weather performance of all diesel powered equipment with special emphasis on equipment that experiences extended periods of shutdown. New and improved for winter fuels, WDA will deliver exceptional cold weather performance when and where required.

Comprised of the original WDA 1500 cold flow polymer then fortified with a wax anti-settling agent, (WASA). Anticipating water contamination associated with the supply chain, a jet fuel type deicer was included to help defend against fuel icing. When used at recommended dosing levels, it can help reduce diesel fuel’s pour point and cold filter plugging point, (CFPP) between 8F- 12F degrees less than the base fuel.

AFS AWDA 1500 Product Data Sheet 


WDA-3000 functions as a wax modifier to improve the low temperature operability of middle distillate fuels. Its unique formulation provides superior performance with a wider range of diesel fuels, including hard to treat, high wax fuels and heavy end fuels.

WDA-3000 Product Data Sheet

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