Impact of Policy-Driven Electrification on Your Customers – Advanced Fuel Solutions

AFS president Paul Nazzaro’s latest article in the Empire State Energy Association’s annual magazine is required reading for anyone in the liquid fuels heating industry.

“Readers of this publication have likely heard by now that state and federal policy makers in the Northeast and beyond are aiming to phase out carbon-intensive fuels, including home heating oil and natural gas, through widespread electrification and carbon taxation that would put many heating oil companies today out of business,” he writes. “Their logic is that through electrification, they can decarbonize the heating sector by shifting the power grid to 100 percent renewable energy over time. Although this is far from feasible in the near term, that’s exactly the narrative that many legislators are espousing to their constituents. And unless our industry works to educate our customers on the realities of policy-driven electrification – while also moving to higher blends of Bioheat® Fuel – that’s the narrative they’ll be led to believe.

Read the full article here.

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