AFS/Afton – Navigating Liquid Fuels Decarbonization – Advanced Fuel Solutions

Navigating Liquid Fuels Decarbonization

May, 10th | 11am est

In this AFS webinar Paul Nazzaro, President of Advanced Fuel Solutions and Alex Kulinowski, Senior Fuels OEM Advisor for Afton Chemical Corporation, will examine ways your organization can develop and manage a cost-effective GHG-reduction strategy, balancing your long-term decarbonization goals with short-term growth objectives. Topics will include:

  • Decarbonization Pressures
  • Diesel, Gasoline, Heating Oil Trends
  • Decarbonization Strategies for Legacy Gasoline & Diesel Fleets
  • Light Duty Vehicle Trends
  • Government Regulations and your Business
  • What You Can Do To Improve Your Liquid Fuels Market Presence

Please join Paul and Alex as they examine the fuels of the future. 



Paul Nazzaro
President, Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc.

Over the past twenty-eight years, AFS president Paul Nazzaro has spearheaded and developed the fastest growing fuel quality solutions organization that focuses on optimizing the buying and selling for liquid fuels. He has established strategic relationships with the world’s leading additive developers, created and managed more than twenty premium fuel brands and treated more than five billion gallons of fuel. He has helped secure biodiesel’s place as one of the fastest-growing alternative fuels in the nation. He has written and presented extensively on all facets of biodiesel production, handling, blending, marketing, operability, and policy.


Alex Kulinowski
Senior Fuels OEM Advisor, Afton Chemical Corp.

Alex Kulinowski is a Senior Fuels OEM Advisor for Afton Chemical Corporation and has been with Afton for over 35 years.  For most of his tenure, Alex has provided expertise in Fuels Customer Technical Service.  He is widely known within the industry, serving in several groups including ASTM and the Coordinating Research Council. Currently, Alex is the current chairman for the Fuels Additives Task Group of the American Chemistry Council.