Winter Weather Forecast 2018-2019 - Advanced Fuel Solutions

Fax Weather Alert Service Meteorologist John Bagioni tells Oil & Energy, “Currently, a general and conservative temperature forecast for the Northeast would be for near normal to 1.5 degrees colder on average, with HDD totals generally 1% to 3% above normal.”

Looking closely at the different possible projections for cold fronts, Bagioni sees that “many of the analogs keep the Northeast near normal with the core of the cold anomaly off to the southwest across the Ohio Valley on into the Tennessee Valley regions.” Yet, he adds, “There are some analogs that are quite a bit colder for New England than I am currently willing to forecast, but it would only take a slight change to move us into a solidly colder than normal winter.” Bagioni continues, “Right now I think staying close to ‘normal’ winter cold is the way to go.” And remember, normal is good.

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