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Established in 1994, Advanced Fuel Solutions (AFS) has forged strategic relationships with business partners at every level of the liquid fuels supply chain. Recognized as an industry “disruptor”, AFS has positioned itself to lead carbon-based markets to Net Zero through the implementation of low-carbon fuels such as biodiesel, renewable diesel, and sustainable aviation fuel.

Decarbonization has become and will continue to be a major driving force in the energy industry worldwide. As a result, enabling policies are causing major changes in the liquid fuels supply chain. AFS has been at the forefront of these changes and has earned national recognition as a market leader in the fuel and fuel additive sector.

AFS continues to lead the industry in formulating proprietary high-forming fuel additive packages designed to improve the performance of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, marine fuels, and home heating oil for bulk fuel terminals, wholesalers, diesel and heating oil distributors, fuel quality service companies, trucking fleets, and marinas.

Based on its proven Optimum Discovery Process™, AFS listens first and develops customized additive formulations designed to meet its client’s specific needs. AFS provides counsel to transportation fleets on all aspects of fuel quality management, including procurement programs proven to save thousands of dollars on fuel expenditures each year.

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A Story Worth Telling

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Paul Nazzaro established AFS out of his home office with the goal of educating the petroleum supply chain on the importance of fuel quality with a focus on a future delivering more environmentally friendly fuels. By helping to dramatically improve his clients’ experiences with the fuels they were buying and selling, he quickly dispelled the myth that all fuels are created equally. Today, out of its headquarters in North Andover, MA, AFS continues to work with forward-thinking fuel distributors and marketers to improve the petroleum supply pool by orienting and educating these industry leaders on the merits of biodiesel blended fuels.

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Among countless milestones over the past twenty-eight years, AFS has:

  • Treated several billion gallons of middle distillate fuels.
  • Launched more than two dozen premium fuel brands for private companies.
  • Spearheaded the national commercialization of biodiesel.
  • Conducted hundreds of educational symposiums across the U.S.
  • Pioneered the reformulation of fuel treatment packages to account for the changing makeup of the supply pool due to renewables being blended into gasoline, heating oil, and diesel.
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Building on decades of success with its line of field-proven fuel quality solutions in the Northeast home heating and diesel markets, in 2016 AFS began its expansion into the Mid-Atlantic States quickly becoming a leader in the home heating fuels markets. With the AFS brand quickly recognized for fuel quality and service in the heating oil markets, the logical next step was to leverage that acceptance with the company’s expansion into the diesel fuels arena. The immediate acquisition of a major Mid-Atlantic fleet and their success in improving their fuel economics became the impetus for dramatic growth across the region and into the Midwest with major fuelers and fleets.

Founder & President

Prior to founding AFS, Paul Nazzaro became an early adopter of utilizing the latest chemical technologies to enhance fuel quality on behalf of organizations such as Northeast Petroleum, Coastal Corporation, and Global Companies, LLC. Paul has also represented the Clean Fuels Alliance America since 1996 as their petroleum liaison, helping to reduce roadblocks impeding biodiesel’s domestic commercialization.

He serves on the Board of Directors and Executive Finance Committee for the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association and the New England Fuel Institute. Paul is a longstanding member of countless industry organizations, including TMC and ASTM, among many others.

His writing has appeared in Fuel Oil News, Biodiesel Diesel Daily®, Biodiesel™ Magazine, Transport Topics, Commercial Fuel Buyer, Fuel Marketer News, and Indoor Comfort Marketing, among other notable industry publications.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve been working with AFS for many years now. Paul’s extremely knowledgeable about additives – he’s always educating and innovating, but really it’s the energy, enthusiasm and proactive approach to service that sets him and his company apart. I feel we couldn’t do better with any other company.

– Terminal Operations, Global Partners

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