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We treat our customers as carefully as we treat their fuel.

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Advanced Fuel Solutions (AFS) develops, brands, and markets performance-enhancing fuel additives for wholesalers, dealers, jobbers, and fleets representing virtually every market segment—including on/off road diesel, gasoline, marine fuel, and home heating oil. Our team of innovators, experts, and jacks of all trades operate at all levels of the supply chain, offering superior fuel quality services and technical support built on decades of industry experience. We source the best available chemical components that deliver the highest, most ratable performance at the most competitive treat cost per gallon. There’s a reason that our very first customer is still with us today. At AFS, we treat our customers as carefully as we treat their fuel.

Our Offerings & Capabilities

Fuel Testing, Evaluation & Remediation

Our business relies on our ability to improve yours. To that end, we offer complimentary, no-strings fuel sampling and third-party analysis by the most reputable petroleum laboratories in the country. If we find that there are fuel quality problems, we’ll offer to help resolve them. If there are not, we’ll gladly let you know. If at any time you should encounter an unknown fuel quality issue that requires immediate diagnosis and remediation, you can count on us to identify the problem, eliminate it, and through the application of advanced chemical technology and proven preventative maintenance strategies, keep it from occurring again.

Branded Products

Across every market we serve, we offer our own proprietary line of branded multifunctional additive packages. These seasonal and year-round fuel treatments come with turnkey marketing resources to jumpstart your premium fuel program as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. Alternatively, we will work with you to build your own brand of premium fuel products using our proven formulations—as well as help you to market the environmental, operational, and cost benefits of your new-to-market, brand-name fuel.

Custom Manufacturing

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Just as no two gallons of fuel are exactly alike, neither are the demands placed upon any given fuel product when it reaches the consumer. If your business faces unique variables that can compromise fuel quality and performance, we will work with you to calibrate your fuel around evolving equipment demands, environmental conditions, or any other factors that may negatively impact your bottom line. Our custom additive packages, in concert with our personal account representation, ongoing technical support, and quality assurance, have made our customers more profitable and competitive no matter what the market conditions.

Package Goods

We offer our fuel quality products in flexible packaging solutions, pints, quarts, gallons, or 2.5-gallon jugs, to meet your treatment needs to the full satisfaction of your customers. Whether you’re treating bulk tanks or saddle tanks, your ability to control packaging size and quantity enables you to serve customers who are seeking the lowest per unit price, as well as those who have a predetermined budget for a particular fuel quality product.

For private branded bottled goods, we offer full-service branding, graphic design, and creative direction or will work with your in-house marketing team to design professional, eye-catching labels that satisfy all EPA labeling requirements.

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