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High efficiency equipment, the influx of alternative fuels, and increasingly strict emissions standards have dealt blows to the gasoline, diesel, and heating oil industries alike. What sets these markets apart, however, is how they’ve responded to being hit. While diesel and heating oil distributers have taken it on the chin, major gasoline retailers are punching back with higher quality fuel, bolder branding, and more-aggressive-than-ever marketing campaigns. Detergent-heavy additive packages such as BP’s Invigorate, Shell’s Nitrogen-Enriched Gasoline, Citgo’s TriCLEAN, Chevron’s Techron, and other Top Tier-designated fuels, are raising the standard of gasoline, changing consumer perception about fuel cleanliness and quality, and extending the lives of vehicles that consume their product. Every year added to the life of a car that runs on gas, after all, is a year that a driver isn’t re-upping with a more fuel-efficient model or switching to an electric vehicle altogether. For both drivers and gasoline retailers, longer lasting vehicles are a win.

The Top Tier branding push by the gasoline industry should serve as a blue print for diesel and heating oil distributors experiencing similar market contraction. While your company may not have the resources of a BP or Shell, we will work within your budget to enhance the quality and performance of your fuel, re-brand it, and market its environmental, operational, and cost benefits to consumers. Doing so will not only differentiate your business and build customer loyalty, but also extend the life of the equipment that requires your product and service, and contribute to the overall improvement of the supply pool.

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