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Why our products and equipment?

Moisture Control and Microbial Contamination:

Time and temperature can pose fuel quality challenges potentially impacting customer satisfaction and brand value.  Without a moisture control program, microbial contamination can’t be far behind.

TANK DRY – Moisture Control

MICROBIOCIDE – Microbial Contamination

Equipment and Services:

We offer and support a variety of field-proven injection systems and moisture control equipment designed to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with the storage, blending, and distribution of fuels.

Specialty Products & OEM Equipment

To help ensure proper operation

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Value-Added Fuel System Protection

Microbial Testing

Microbial Testing Equipment Available

Today’s testing equipment will vary in features and timely testing results which will impact the purchase price of your testing equipment. Basic testing will provide the total microbiological activity in the fuels listed below:

  1. Jet fuels
  2. Gasoline
  3. Diesel
  4. Biodiesel
  5. Biodiesel blends
  6. Heating oil
  7. Marine diesel and ethanol blends


Fuel Injection

Today’s equipment is designed to effectively, safely, and automatically inject additives when loading petroleum products, replacing current manpower-intensive manual systems (drivers had to fill jugs and pour additives into the hose prior to loading a truck with fuel). While available at different price points, look for a quality manufacturer and installation partner and you will eliminate post-installation issues.

Let AFS help you accelerate your project timeline by eliminating ineffective equipment and minimizing costs. While requirements vary from project to project based on an additive’s characteristics and the injector location, properly calibrated equipment will provide a consistent and ratable treatment of your fuel.

Call or e-mail AFS for a complimentary needs analysis for your next rack or vehicle installation:

Paul Nazzaro Jr., AFS Manager Technical Services  —  (978) 258-8360 x304  pauljr@yourfuelsolution.com




As a distributor of Todd Technologies products, AFS brings you a comprehensive and cost-effective line-up of products designed to keep fuels free of moisture and organic contamination the Achilles’ heel for both fuel and additives.

This PowerBreather unit is a marked improvement over the customary dust caps or OEM breathers on equipment. When contaminated air enters the top of the breather, it passes through layered filter media, preventing solid particles from entering the breather and causing undue wear to your equipment surfaces. Filtered air passes through a bed of PowerBreather silica gel, which removes harmful moisture from the air. The silica beads also work to attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir during service or shut-down, keeping the equipment dry.

  • Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion.
  • Extends service cycles and equipment life resulting in lower lifetime operating costs.


Power Breather Brochure

Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion.
Extends service cycles and equipment life resulting in
lower lifetime operating costs.

Power Breather CV Brochure

Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion.
TTI’s check-valve technology is ideal for low-flow applications
with intermittent operations.

Titan Brochure

High flow, extended life PowerBreathers are ideal for tank farms and large
applications. Options include: standard check-valve technology, SmartFlow™
technology, and no check-valve option for extreme flow applications.

How our equipment works

Desiccant Breathers: One of the most cost-effective ways to keep contaminants from entering lubricants

In this 4-minute video, NORIA’S Wes Cash and Chris Christenson unbox and discuss the TTI Titan Power Breather line and its unique capabilities.

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            Next Level Breather Technology

TTI is the best choice in the market for breather spend. Controlling maintenance spend is more important now than ever, and TTI delivers superior value to the market over leading competitors.

Head-to-head trials have proven that TTI PowerBreathersTM offer on average 20% more life than leading competitors ultimately resulting in lower annual breather spend in both unit and freight cost. TTI Fuel Storage Systems & Power Equipment Trial

TTI offers its industrial leading Power Gel and Dual Zone Microglass media in several consumable and rebuildable PowerBreather options allowing customers to choose the best fit for their application.

With TTI breathers lasting an average of 20% longer than the competition, customers save not only on yearly breather spend but also on the cost of maintenance.

Our time is important, and with TTI breathers, plant maintenance professionals will save significant annual time in breather change-out and upkeep.

Have You Checked Your Fuel Lately?

Why you should and how we can help reduce your spend and prevent future service calls.