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Enhanced Gasoline Detergent Packages including our Performix™ patented technology, are designed to meet the challenges of direct injection engine technology, while continuing to deliver excellent performance in the traditional port fuel injection platform. A fully scalable additive with EPA and TOP TIER™ certification, Performix™ delivers powerful keep-clean and get-clean performance at cost effective treat rates.

Why Our Gasoline Products Were Developed

In 2004 representatives of major vehicle manufacturers gathered to review performance of vehicles utilizing Direct Injection (DIG) techonology. Using recommendations from the Worldwide Fuel Charter, a global committee of automakers and engine manufacturers, they established a proprietary standard for a class of gasoline called “TOP TIER” Detergent Gasoline The new standard required increased levels of detergents, and restricted metallic content.  Gasoline brands can participate and get a TOP TIER license if they meet certain standards, which includes performance tests for intake valve and combustion chamber deposits, fuel injector fouling, and intake valve sticking.


What Our Clients Are Saying

AFS continues to be a critical partner in the success of my business. Back in 1990, when we first experienced problems with outside tanks, he personally stepped forward to help solve the problem and educate me on the critical issue of fuel quality.

– Charlie Ugiletto – President, Cubby Oil Company

Have You Checked Your Fuel Lately?

Why you should and how we can help reduce your spend and prevent future service calls.