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Marine Fuel

Owners of boats, both large and small, will tell you that travel on the water comes with different challenges than travel on the road or off-road in the vocational vehicle world. Why then, would you take generic diesel fuel to the water without protection from the elements? Our marine diesel and gasoline additives arrest the challenges of phase separation, microbial contamination, and depreciated fuel tank hygiene, ensuring improved, dependable engine performance. Don’t leave your mariners adrift with unprotected fuel.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We are excited to expand our relationship with AFS from the construction fueling industry to the waterways. Delivering our customers the highest quality marine diesel and gasoline possible is our joint goal.

– Rick Workman – President, Taylor Oil

Have You Checked Your Fuel Lately?

Why you should and how we can help reduce your spend and prevent future service calls.