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Several years ago, anticipating policy-driven changes in the fuel slate and evolving OEM requirements, AFS led the way in resolving the “Fuel vs. Technology” challenges by introducing the latest anti-foulant diesel detergents for ULSD.

With the introduction of Optimum Performance Technology (OPT-AF), our customers were able to recover fuel economics previously delivered by higher sulfur fuels and unit injectors. At the same time, we enhanced each of our winter and summer diesel additives with similar detergent packages to enhance the performance of ULSD in combustion and after-treatment systems. As our customers will tell you, the numbers don’t lie: More up time and less fuel spend is the quickest way to stronger profits and more loyal customers.

Features & Benefits

Winter Treatment Anti-Fouling Treatment Anti-Fouling w/Cold Flow
Product AWDA-1500 OPT-AF OPT-AF w/ CFI
Distillate Stabilizer
Detergent CFI Anti-foulant Anti-foulant
Corrosion Protection
Moisture Control
Lubricity Protection
Premium Cold Flow (Wax Modifier)
Wax Anti-Settling Agent
Treat Rate 1:1500 1:2500 Get Clean
1:3500 Keep Clean

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have had very good results using the AFS fuel additives at several locations now. We have been able to double the life of fuel filters which pays for the product. In additive, we are conservatively seeing a .5% improvement in better fuel mileage. With AFS working with our local fuel suppliers, the results are good. In addition, while it is still early, we seem to have a reduction in fuel-related issues on the newer EPA engines.

Fleet Maintenance Perdue Farms

Every minute a truck isn’t running is damaging to the bottom line and the brand. I’ve had trucks downed before, and it’s difficult because I’ve got my own customers counting on me to get a load where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. That’s important. We don’t have those problems anymore. MPG loss, shortened filter life, regen issues—none of it.

– Eric Wyson, Owner, E. J. Wyson Trucking Co.

          “With AFS fuel conditioners, we keep our fleet on the road profitably. It’s important to have 24/7 access to high-quality fuel conditioners, testing, and lab services.”  

Kris Lee, Weaver Energy, Lilitz, PA

Why Total Protection?

Although diesel equipment operators often elect to rely on premium products only in the winter, a transition to a year round treat is now the norm within many major fleets.

Recognizing government demands for enhanced fuel mileage and cleaner burning fuels, AFS, after analyzing real time feedback from its customers, can formulate fuel conditioning technologies that meet today’s demands. These products deliver benefits designed to improve fuel economy as well as cold weather performance.

Have You Checked Your Fuel Lately?

Why you should and how we can help reduce your spend and prevent future service calls.