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Extend PMI & Restore MPG for Proven ROI

O.P.T. is a next generation diesel additive package that enables your fuel to handle the high pressures and temperatures associated with the modern diesel engine. More than a detergent, it’s an anti-foulant, fuel stabilizer, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, and lubricity agent specifically formulated to bridge the compatibility gap between today’s ultra low-sulfur diesel and high-efficiency engines.  O.P.T. is a complete, multifunctional additive package tested and proven to extend preventative maintenance intervals and filter life, improve uptime, and restore fuel economy. O.P.T. is effective in all diesel powered equipment and is engineered to support the use of biodiesel in ultra-low sulfur fuels. Make no mistake: This is a whole new class of additive

O.P.T. – Optimum Performance Technology

It costs more not to use it.


Bridging the Performance Gap

The high-pressure common rail (HPCR) direct-fuel injection systems employed in modern diesel engines produce higher pressures and hotter temperatures in order to increase power and efficiency, resulting in lower emissions and improved fuel economy. The only problem? Today’s ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel can’t handle the heat. Since the introduction of ULSD in 2006, the transition to sophisticated, high-tech diesel engines has been plagued by a number of issues, including injector failures, filter plugging, loss of power, and poor fuel economy. O.P.T. has been field tested and proven to reverse these issues, helping fleets to reduce their fuel and maintenance costs while maximizing profitability.

Optimize Injector Performance And Restore Flow

Years ago, we would typically find carbon deposits built up on the injector tip. Today, stubborn deposits left by thermally stressed fuel are commonly found around the injector valve seat, nozzle injector tip, and control valve, inhibiting fuel flow and adversely affecting engine performance. As more advanced diesel engines enter the market, costly issues like injector sticking and irregular spray patterns will continue to become more commonplace.

Reduce Deposits And Extend Filter Life

Carbon deposits caused by the breakdown of unprotected ULSD can have a serious impact on the entire fuel handling system, compromising the operability of carefully engineered components. These deposits are often returned back to the saddle tank through the return fuel line, circulating dirty, degraded fuel through the fuel system, causing premature filter plugging, loss of horsepower, and significant loss of fuel economy.

Restore And Maintain Fuel Quality

O.P.T. conditions and stabilizes ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel against today’s ultra-high efficiency diesel equipment. It improves fuel quality and restores engine performance to factory production levels, resulting in extended preventative maintenance intervals (PMI), fewer DPF regens, reduced emissions, improved horsepower, restored fuel economy, and considerable ROI.

How O.P.T. Works

Optimum Performance Technology


The Impact Zone

What Our Clients Are Saying

Prior to the OPT-AF treatment, I was changing out fuel filter sets on most of our trucks prior to the normal scheduled PM. In addition I had to send out 2 to 3 trucks a month to the Peterbilt shop to have EGRs and Doser valves serviced due to exhaust particulate buildup in the DPF. We are delighted with improved cleanliness of our fuel filters and EGR valves.

– Eastern Shore Transport

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