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Regain and maintain optimum performance with O.P.T.

O.P.T. is the next generation diesel additive that enables your fuel to handle the high pressures and temperatures associated with the modern diesel engine. More than a detergent it’s a customized anti-foulant. The complete solution that has established a whole new class of additive.

The next-generation diesel additive that enables your fuel to handle high pressures and temperatures

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The high-pressure common rail (HPCR) direct-fuel injection systems employed in modern diesel engines are more powerful and efficient, resulting in lower emissions and enhanced fuel economy. Engine manufacturers met the technology challenge set forth by the federal government. Unfortunately, no one consulted the fuel manufacturers to prepare the fuel for these important changes. Since the introduction of ULSD in 2006, the transition to sophisticated, high-tech diesel engines has been plagued by a number of issues including injector failures, filter plugging, loss of power and poor fuel economy.

Optimize Injector Performance And Restore Flow

As more advanced diesel engines enter the market issues like injector sticking will increase. If left untreated, these deposits will lead to premature injector failure, higher maintenance costs, and reduced reliability. As new common rail injector systems expand into offered applications, operational challenges will likely increase.

Reduce Deposits And Extend Filter Life

Increased carbon deposits caused by the breakdown of unprotected ULSD not only collected as deposits on the fuel injector they also effect other fuel components. Under high-pressure conditions carefully engineered components no longer work as intended. Deposits get returned back to the saddle tank through the return fuel line. This circulates dirty, degraded fuel through the fuel system causing premature filter plugging, loss of horsepower and significant loss of fuel economy.

Restore And Maintain Fuel Quality

O.P.T. conditions fuel, improving its quality and restoring equipment to factory production levels. The result is reduced costly down-time, fewer harmful exhaust emissions, improved horsepower, and restoration of fuel economy. Optimum fuel quality maintains through an O.P.T. program means a healthier fleet and long-term protection for you bottom line.

How O.P.T. Works


Optimum Performance Technology

Injector Tip, Plunger Barrel and Injector Labyrinth, The “Impact Zone”





What Our Clients Are Saying

Prior to the OPT-AF treatment, I was changing out fuel filter sets on most of our trucks prior to the normal scheduled PM. In addition I had to send out 2 to 3 trucks a month to the Peterbilt shop to have EGRs and Doser valves serviced due to exhaust particulate buildup in the DPF. We are delighted with improved cleanliness of our fuel filters and EGR valves.

– Eastern Shore Transport

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