OPT-AF Winter™ – Advanced Fuel Solutions

Winter is Here. Roll with it.

Why OPT-AF Winter™?

Performance Benefits

A synergistic cold flow improver designed to maximize a fuel’s cold weather performance while extending the protection for extended equipment shutdown periods.

OPT-AF Winter 1000™

Winter Diesel Additive

Exceptional Cold Weather Performance

  • Ensures optimum cold flow protection
  • Contains an aviation grade water management component, to help reduce fuel icing
  • Suspends wax crystals providing extended protection during equipment shutdown
  • Helps maintain and improve horsepower and fuel economy

  • Cleans high pressure fuel injectors
  • Extends filter life by reducing soot and sludge formation
  • Provides thermal and oxidative stability
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Prevents fuels system corrosion
  • Improves cold flow operability economically and ratably

  • Manages moisture contamination preventing fuel icing
  • Protects biodiesel blends with proprietary polymers
  • Technical support to manage flow characteristics
  • Custom formulas designed for expanded marketing footprints

How OPT-AF Winter™ Works

Complementing this proprietary winter chemistry is an aviation grade water control mechanism to minimize icing and moisture contamination inherent in middle distillates and biodiesel blends.

Beyond its cold flow protection OPT-1000 helps meet the documented challenges associated with high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems. A combination of a next generation detergent balanced with dual stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors help clean and protect the entire fuel handling system.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Prior to the OPT-AF treatment, I was changing out fuel filter sets on most of our trucks prior to the normal scheduled PM. In addition I had to send out 2 to 3 trucks a month to the Peterbilt shop to have EGRs and Doser valves serviced due to exhaust particulate buildup in the DPF. We are delighted with improved cleanliness of our fuel filters and EGR valves.

– Eastern Shore Transport

Have You Checked Your Fuel Lately?

Why you should and how we can help reduce your spend and prevent future service calls.