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When Facing Cold Weather & More...

Why SZP™?

Your Customer Deserves the Best

Taking care of your customer’s fuel and equipment is more that a winter project as “Old Man Winter” is a fickle guy dealing with widely varying temperatures and moisture content.  Take the extra step in winter protection with SZP™.



Multi-Functional Pour-Point Depressant

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The SZP™ Difference

Multi-Functional Cold Weather Solution

Let AFS help you protect your customer’s outside tanks, not only keeping the fuel flowing during those cold winter nights, but also continuing to keep oxidation at bay and stabilizing ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel blends.  SZP™ also reduces fuel degradation, limiting sludge build up on tank bottoms and providing long term fuel quality.  Delivered in easy to use 13 oz bottles (12 count case); 5 gallon pails; 55 gallon drums; 275 gallon tote.


Ratable System Performance, Reduced Cold Weather Service Calls and Improved Profits





Performance Features:

  • Reduces the pour point of fuel minimizing kerosene blending, including biodiesel blends
  • Disperses water in heating oil.
  • Minimizes fuel oxidation
  • Provides stabilization for heating oil and biodiesel blends
  • Reduces fuel degradation limiting sludge build-up on tank bottoms
  • Deactivates yellow metals impact on the fuel system
  • Inhibits rust formation protecting the tank and entire fuel system from corrosion activity
  • Reduces peroxide formation
  • Keeps fuel from darkening
  • Keeps the tank and nozzle clean.

Have You Checked Your Fuel Lately?

Why you should and how we can help reduce your spend and prevent future service calls.